‘Angry minion’ with no anus not related to humans after all, scientists conclude | Evolution

One less relative to be embarrassed about – scientists have ruled out the possibility that a 535m-year-old microscopic fossil that looks like an “angry minion” is our earliest known ancestor.

Previous research had suggested that Saccorhytus coronarius, a tiny sack-like creature with a large mouth and no anus, was an early member of a large group of animals called the deuterostomes, which vertebrates – including humans – belong to.

Now researchers say they are confident that Saccorhytus is not a deuterostome, but part of the same evolutionary group as arthropods, which includes insects and crustaceans.

“The paper suggested that Saccorhytus was an early member of our own evolutionary lineage, a group of animals known as the deuterostomes. But we had specimens that were better…

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News Source: www.theguardian.com

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