‘There’s no final answer’: public let in to help furnish Bristol’s Martian house | Bristol

Five-year-old Rowan Bailey-Davies and his mum, Gillian Davies, had come well prepared. He had donned his bright astronaut suit for this very special occasion, while she had picked geraniums from their garden.

Their mission: to visit and help begin to furnish a “Martian house” that has appeared, golden and gleaming, among the sailing boats, wharf train tracks and cranes on the harbourside in Bristol.

“That was great – I liked the bunk beds,” said Rowan after being one of the first to explore the public art project, Building a Martian House, which is designed to get people to think about what everyday life would be like if humans settled on Mars – and perhaps inspire Earthlings to consider looking after this planet a little better in the meantime.

“It does make you stop and…

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News Source: www.theguardian.com

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