NHS mental health services are turning children away when they need us most | Tara Porter

Lara* was brought to A&E by her parents after she took paracetamol with suicidal intent. When mental health staff tried to understand her state of mind, they heard that Lara had been struggling to concentrate in school and was overwhelmed about exams and friendship issues.

She often felt sad and low. She had developed habits and rituals, packing her school bag and getting to school at a particular time to help her manage, but she also would at times over-eat or self harm.

Every day, more and more young people like Lara are brought into A&E, but a recent report highlighted the problems they have in accessing services. It described support services as “buckling under pressure”, leaving children “ricocheting around services” which are “over-medicalised, bureaucratic, unresponsive,…

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News Source: www.theguardian.com

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