It’s time to stop ignoring the real extent of femicide in the UK | Domestic violence

On 2 January 2012 Kirsty Treloar was stabbed to death in Hackney. She was 20 years old. Just weeks before she died, Kirsty had been referred to the Nia project of which I am chief executive. Nia is a charity that supports women who have been subjected to men’s violence.

When I searched for information about what had happened to her, I came across so many reports of women who’d been killed by men since the start of that year that I made a list of their names so that I could figure out how many there were. This became a project that I called Counting Dead Women. I wanted to highlight that the women killed were not just statistics, not just numbers, but real women, who were loved and now mourned. I was angry at seeing the killings of eight women in the first three days of the year…

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